🐝 Pollen - 2 Packs

🐝 Pollen - 2 Packs

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2 packs of pollen 🐝 20g per pack

🐝 Pollen is great for increasing feeding response and appetite in fussy reptiles. It smells great which can help attract reluctant eaters and it gives amazing benefits as it’s rich in vitamins and minerals. Bee pollen contains natural antibiotics, naturally destroys bacteria and boosts the immune system. 

Suitable For: 

Bearded Dragon

Crested Gecko

Leopard Gecko 


Mourning Geckos 

Aiko Geckos 





Golden Geckos

Tokay Gecko

Small Animals

Can be sprinkled onto greens, used to gut loads insects, fed directly to reptiles, mixed in water, mixed into fruit pastes or mixed with calci dust for insects.


packaging recyclable.