Fish Science Worm Pellets 55g

Fish Science Worm Pellets 55g

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Recreates the natural, worm based diet that many mid water and bottom feeding fish species consume in the wild

• Unique formula using bloodworms, earthworms, meal worms and silkworms – over 40% worm content
• 1mm slowly sinking soft pellets for all mid water and bottom feeding fish
• Readily accepted and easily digested
• Contains natural ingredients to enhance color and support the immune system

Feeding instructions: Feed 1 – 2 times per day on as much as your fish will consume in a 1 minute. Uneaten food should be removed.

Composition: Worm meal, insect meal, herring meal, cereals, fish hydrolysate yeast, potato, minerals, algae, lecithin, antioxidants and colourants.

Analysis: Protein 44%, Oil 6.5%, Fibre 2%, Moisture 8%, Ash 10.5%.

Additives: Vitamin A 15,500 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 900 IU/kg, Vitamin E 65mg/kg, Vitamin C 260mg/kg