Treat That’s Hard to Beat Box - Topper Kit 5 Items

Treat That’s Hard to Beat Box - Topper Kit 5 Items

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Treat box for all your reptiles who love greens or eat insects 🥬 🐛 

5 Packs

 Make your reptiles diet even more interesting and varied. This box can help encourage fussy eaters to polish off their greens. Packed with amazing benefits like extra vitamins, minerals, anti inflammatory properties, immune boosters as well as being tasty!  

Perfect treat box for Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Chameleons, Tortoises, Uromastyx, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Rats etc

All contents can be fed directly to reptiles listed below or used to gut load live food. Can be used as a treat alone or as toppers for veg. Make your reptiles meal more interesting and entice fussy eaters. Edible flowers can be used as toppers on greens or hand fed as treats. This is to be used alongside an already established diet or to encourage your reptile to eat the greens, do not feed as the main diet. 

All can be used to gut load live food too.


10g Chamomile Flower Pack (stress/anxiety reducer)

10g Rose Petal Pack 

10g Marigold Petal Pack

10g Blackberry Leaves 

10g Hibiscus Flowers

You can moisten any of these treats down to entice reptiles as it will release the scent and attract them more.