CL ABSOLUTE+ Reptile Bio-Tope Pump 250ml

CL ABSOLUTE+ Reptile Bio-Tope Pump 250ml

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Absolute Repti-VET Concentrated live Microbe Culture

Concentrated Live Microbe Culture

What Does It Do?

Microbes in the soil are directly tied to nutrient recycling especially carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur. 


Bacteria are a major class of microorganisms that keep soils healthy and productive. Bacteria are tiny one-celled organisms generally 4/100,000 of an inch wide (1 µm). A teaspoon of productive soil generally contains between 100 million Microbes and a billion beneficial bacteria. 


Bacteria are the smallest and most hardy microbe in the soil and can survive under harsh or changing soil conditions. 

This Culture will keep soils Fresh and healthy. Can also be added waterfalls when using false bottoms in the terrarium  



Absolute Live Microbe Culture Startup can bring any planted biotope setup to life for use in bio-active biotope displays, Planted Paludarium’s & Vivarium’s


How to use! 

Shake bottle well before use then simply 

add 5ml of Absolute Live Microbe Culture to 1ltr of water to the soil substrate Ideal for new or established  planted Vivaria safe to use in fogger’s and misting/ Rain systems or add directly to the vivarium once per week