Wormganix worm castings

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Wormganix Worm castings is the manure created naturally by earthworms. This extraordinary soil is scientifically proven to have incredible benefits such as increased plant growth, soil aeration, moisture retention, natural pest resistance and protection from disease.

Wormganix Worm castings are produced in the UK, 100% Organic, the worms are fed on high quality composted bark, with nothing being added at any point in the process. The worms then produce a rich earthly matter, commonly referred to as Humus or Vermicompost. The castings are then sieved twice to ensure the finest quality worm castings on the market, proven by its light, neutral earthy odour, and dark fluffy appearance

Wormganix Worm castings is a ‘living ‘product. The castings are moist, fresh and alive. The Beneficial Microbes, fungi and bacteria are a vital ingredient of our product.

Wormganix Worm castings have a higher NPK rating than traditional compost. Nitrogen (N) responsible for plant growth and regeneration, Phosphorous (P) Focuses energy on strong root development and flowers, fruit and seeds Potassium (K) enhances overall growth and keeps the plant balanced and Healthy. Combined with the healthy mix of trace elements, this makes the perfect natural fertiliser for all plants grown indoors and outdoors.