Bio Blast Microbe Starter Culture

Bio Blast Microbe Starter Culture

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🐸🦎🐍🌱BIO-BLAST in 100 and 245ml 🌱🐍🦎🐸

🪴🌱 Microbe Starter Culture can bring any planted biotope setup to life when used in bio-active biotope displays, planted paludariums and vivariums. 🪴🌱

🌍 Microbes in the soil are directly tied to nutrient recycling, especially carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur. Bacteria are a major class of
microorganisms that keep soil healthy and productive.🌏

🥀 ----> 🌹 Bacteria are tiny one-celled organisms that are key to your soils health in tip top condition. 🥀---->🌹

• Concentrated live microbe culture.

•Microbial start-up for bio active enclosures. 🌻🌍🌏🌻

•Promotes a healthy soil. 🙏

•Chemical free formula. ✔️

•Promotes plant growth. 🌱

Shake bottle well before use then simply add 5ml to 1ltr of water before adding to the soil substrate. 📏📐

BIO BLAST Microbe Starter Culture is ideal for new or established planted vivaria. 🍀🪴

Also safe to use in fogger’s and misting/rain systems or can be added directly to the vivarium once per week. 💧
Can also be added to waterfalls when using false bottoms in the terrarium. 💧